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Areas of interest

I enjoy assisting management, teams and companies to embark on change processes that will enable them to attain higher performance levels. In particular, my interest has led me to accumulate knowledge in the following areas:

  • Management. In my opinion, the main job of managers is to develop and draw upon the full potential of their co-workers. Nevertheless, short-term pressures, business plans and budgets sweep them into a vortex of routine that only gets worse as time goes by. My help consists of improving their people leadership skills, stressing the human side of leadership as a way of ensuring greater commitment from each team member. I also believe that it is important for managers to be able to relate to their colleagues on the basis of collaboration rather than competition, to increase their value contribution to the organization as a whole.
  • Commercial and sales teams. I have a particular feel for this area of business. It is the one area that cannot be allowed to fail in a company, and therefore I wholeheartedly support the idea that looking after, encouraging and developing sales personnel is one of the best investments that business leaders or managers can make in their company, and furthermore, such investments are quick to produce results.
  • Global transformations. Companies often try to establish differentiation based on products, marketing or services, when there is little that cannot currently be copied. That is why I favor the idea that companies should seek to stand out because of the way that their employees think, act and react in different situations. Such a corporate culture could evolve into the company’s main and most sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Organization. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. A poorly-designed organization is more harmful that a mediocre team. Reporting lines that are badly planned, complicated and incoherent guarantee that there will be problems and a lack of motivation, leading to deterioration in the work climate and a loss of talent. Increasingly, organizations are tending to adopt flatter, functional structures, for which the key to success lies in a sound description of tasks and responsibilities.