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Why not from within? What can an outsider contribute?

In my experience, to get the best out of a change process (whether personal or corporate), or when re-launching a sales effort, it is important to have external assistance. Challenges need to be faced from different angles, without the influence of the situation that is being experienced within the company. It is very unlikely that the management team will be able to distance itself from the reality it has been living with for some time, or that the company alone will be able to alter a dynamic in which it has been immersed for years. My contribution is not intended to compete with the skills of the company’s managers, nor does it imply at any time a questioning of their skills and experience. It is designed to add strength by analyzing challenges and objectives from a different perspective. After all, it is only if managers and employees are convinced of the measures to be taken that the company will be catapulted to success. That is the reason I always focus on modifying attitudes, breaking down barriers and facilitating lasting change.