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I get involved in…

  • Management development. Through individual coaching programs, I work to transform executives into more balanced leaders who are better connected to the team’s performance. It is about helping them to learn for themselves how to modify their behavior, implementing changes that enable them to achieve their peak performance, contributing to the global value of the company.
  • Improved performance for commercial and sales teams. My workshops focus on transforming isolated, unmotivated sales personnel into high-performance sales teams by means of changes in attitude and behavior. I look to achieve a complete change in their understanding of their tasks, so that they adapt their activity to a new concept of the customer. In a similar manner, I guide them so that they transform their targets into personal challenges, learning to use tools that enable them to operate at maximum intensity, while enjoying the work they do. Results are immediate and lasting.
  • Changing or implementing a corporate culture. Based on the values that it is hoped to associate with the company, my work consists of strengthening the organization by involving all employees in the definition of a Corporate Culture that could become their biggest competitive advantage. This is particularly important when the aim is to provide the company with renewed impetus, or when integrating teams with different backgrounds or following corporate mergers. I participate in the definition of work methodologies, and propose monitoring standards and methods. I also identify the short-term consequences of such actions, anticipating them by proposing measures that will ensure success over the medium and long term.
  • Redesign of off-sites and company meetings. I like to challenge established approaches to achieve a greater return from company committees and meetings. I believe in including more ambitious, concrete objectives on these occasions, which requires careful design and planning. I provide support in design and execution of such meetings to ensure optimal results.
  • Conferences and presentations. I take responsibility for preparing presentations with a strong impact, designed so that the most important messages that senior management wishes to communicate are conveyed with carefully created staging to ensure greater audience impact.